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Hire Contract Engineers

Goodman Steel is not just a full-service machine shop. Our structural engineering team is available for consulting and contract work in any industry.

Are you considering hiring a Saskatchewan engineering company for an upcoming project? Many businesses require occasional engineering support, but do not have enough engineering work to hire an in-house engineer.

For companies like this, hiring a contract engineer or engineering consultant can be a great option. These trained engineers assist for the duration of a project without an expectation of continued employment.

Our engineering team offers your business this same benefit, with the added value of on-site fabrication, painting and surface treatments, and mechanical services. Today, let’s look at how Goodman Steel makes a great engineering partner for Saskatchewan businesses.

Engineering Expertise for Any Saskatchewan Industry

From agriculture to manufacturing, engineering consulting can benefit nearly any resource-based or industrial business. Over the past sixty years, Goodman Steel has been a trusted partner for businesses across Saskatchewan and Southern Manitoba. Extensive experience in mining, oil and gas, agriculture, and manufacturing mean that when you work with Goodman Steel, you’re getting a practical, pragmatic, and experienced team.

Driving Industry Innovation

With a conventional contract engineering firm, you’ll get analysis, diagrams, and due diligence, but the production is left up to you. Our combined engineering and fabrication offer makes Goodman Steel an ideal partner for industrial innovators. If you have a big idea for improving your existing business process, we can help you design, test, prototype, and launch new tools and technology to make your dream a reality. It’s a true one-stop shop for new product development.

We’ve done it before! Our custom products for the mining sector are practical time-saving innovations that reduce downtime and operating costs. If you have a big idea, give us a call.

In the Middle of Everywhere

Based in Rocanville, Saskatchewan, Goodman Steel’s facility is located adjacent to major highways and rail lines. We’re situated directly in between Regina and Brandon, MB. This central-but-rural location confers a few benefits to our clients:

  • Strong supply lines. We’re well-connected to the industrial world via rail. Freight from our facility can cross the country in a matter of days, and we’re equipped to receive and stockpile materials at scale and as needed.
  • Low overhead costs. Doing business outside of the big cities can make a lot of sense. Our low property and labour costs can be passed on to our customers, ensuring competitive pricing against big city firms.
  • Right where the action happens. We’re central to potash mining, oil and gas exploration, and agricultural projects. Our location exposes us to industry as it happens, ensuring we’re on top of the latest trends and technology. The southern prairie region is also a hotbed for new energy projects, rare earth mining exploration, and much more. We’re a good fit for businesses looking to expand operations in this critical economic region.

In fact, we’re less than 4 hours’ drive from the following cities and regions:

  • Brandon, MB
  • Winnipeg, MB
  • Moose Jaw, SK
  • Weyburn, SK
  • Estevan, SK

We also offer contract engineering and engineering consulting services remotely via phone, email, or video conference.

How our engineers support your success

Our engineers support Saskatchewan businesses in a wide variety of ways, including:

  • Blueprint/diagram evaluation and sign-off. Get your project moving with contract engineering. Our team can verify your diagrams and legally sign off on structural engineering projects. If we spot any issues, we can work with you to rectify them quickly and affordably.
  • R&D projects. We’re an ideal fit for industrial innovators with big ideas. We can help you design, spec out, manufacture, and test novel new ideas. We’ll even help you apply for relevant tax incentives and R&D credits!
  • Retained engineering support. Many businesses require occasional engineering help. We offer packages to allow you to retain the services of our engineering team for a set fee each month. Reduce your payroll overhead with as-needed, flexible engineering help.
  • Engineering consultancy. You have burning engineering questions. We can get you answers. If you need to consult with an experienced structural or mechanical engineer, we can connect you with our team through an hourly or monthly consultation package.

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