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Based in Southeastern Saskatchewan near major highways and rail lines, Goodman Steel is a centrally located provider of metal fabrication, surface treatment, and engineering services for all of Western Canada.

Western Canada's Metal Shop

Western Canada's Metal Shop

Western Canada is a unique market with unique industries and challenges. We have over fifty years of experience serving local and regional industry.

Industries of Western Canada

Despite containing less than 30% of Canada’s total population, Western Canada has:

  • Nearly 60% of all registered farms in Canada
  • Over 70% of Canada’s energy production (measured by GDP)
  • 57% of Canada’s non-metallic mining output (measured by GDP)
  • 40% of Canada’s forestry area
  • An economy that contributes 35% of Canada’s overall GDP

This massive economic region contains mining projects, oil and gas plants, and sawmills. It’s home to mountains and prairies, ports and railways. Its strong economy is bolstered by these important primary sector industries.

A region this varied and vast needs reliable, local production to best service its industries. Today, we’re all feeling the impact of supply chain, shipping, and labour issues. Parts don’t arrive on time. Critical supplies have weeks or even months-long delays, stuck in ports or simply unable to be produced on schedule due to labour shortages.

A regional service provider like Goodman Steel can help you mitigate these challenges. While we aren’t unaffected by supply issues, we’re an agile shop located within Canada and capable of producing at scale.

  • Supporting our energy sector

    Supporting our energy sector

    Canada’s economy can’t keep moving without energy. We’re certified to engineer and manufacturer high- and low-pressure piping systems, safety equipment, platforms, cat-walks, and other parts and components essential to our oil and gas industry.

    Oil and Gas
  • Mining


    We have decades of experience in the mining industry. Our unique wear parts and custom fabrication services support both metallic and non-metallic mine operations throughout Western Canada.

  • Agriculture


    From stainless steel tanks to structural steel engineering for silos, elevators, and other agricultural structures, we’re experienced and equipped to handle even the biggest agriculture-related metal fabrication jobs.


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