OEM and Custom Agricultural Parts

Agricultural Parts Manufacturer - Saskatchewan's Source for OEM and Custom Farming Equipment

Goodman Steel produces OEM and custom parts for any Saskatchewan industry, including parts and components for agricultural applications.

Goodman Steel is Saskatchewan’s locally grown supplier of agricultural parts. As a full service metal fabrication shop, we produce OEM and custom parts suited for work on the rugged Canadian prairie. Whether you need replacements ASAP, or are looking for a custom solution to a specific problem, our friendly team is ready to help.

Benefits of working with Goodman Steel

Goodman Steel offers a number of benefits over purchasing from other suppliers and manufacturers, including:

  • Custom engineering. Our unique combination of fabrication and engineering services allow us to prototype and manufacture custom solutions at any scale. Talk to us about your wild and crazy idea — we’ll make it reality.
  • Locally owned and operated. We’re Saskatchewan through and through. When you work with us, you’re circulating money in our province’s economy, providing quality employment to locals. Not only that: you’ll receive the best customer service and support money can buy. Centrally located in Rocanville, we’re right down the road for many southern Saskatchewan farmers.
  • Quick turnaround times and local supply chain. We maintain a yard of quality metal feedstock for producing all manner of parts and components. Why wait for out of stock OEM parts when we can machine and deliver them for you without any international shipping issues or duties to be paid?
  • Structural engineering services. We do a lot more than just parts. If you need custom ladders, walkways, siloes, chutes, or any other structural component, we fabricate and engineer them to the highest standard of safety and durability.

Parts we produce

We’re able to engineer and produce any custom parts and components you may need. Some of the components we fabricate include:

Roller Chains and Sprockets

Roller or conveyor chains and sprockets are critical components for many agricultural processes, particularly during harvest and processing. Parts failure can result in hours of expensive downtime and damaged or wasted goods. Our background in parts production for mining ensures that we produce chains and sprockets built to last.

Disc Blades

Disc blades are a component that may benefit greatly from customization. Every farm has different soil conditions, and every farmer their own preference for soil management. We fabricate plain and notched disc blades to all common specifications, in thicknesses ranging from 14 gauge to 3 gauge. If you have specialized tilling needs, we can customize your blades to best suit your soil conditions and requirements.

Cultivator Teeth and Tillage Parts

Whether for aeration, weeding, or other soil treatments, tillage parts take a beating. We design them using the most durable steel and reliable designs available to keep your machines running without interruption, longer. Of course, we can provide any customization you require.

Anything you need

At Goodman Steel, we take on all challenges. Even if you need something completely new– even if you don’t know what you need — we’ll help you get where you need to be. Discuss your project with our expert estimators, or get in touch with our engineering department to discuss a custom project today.

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